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Sunday's story, after Bikram, dinner with slave - I was the dessert

Bikram yoga is harder for me in the summer.  I forget to drink more water.  Our bodies are made mostly of water.  Our blood has lots of water in it.  If you do not drink enough water it makes for lower blood pressure.  That is why your energy goes down from not drinking the right amount of water you need for the day.  My yoga teacher told me this is what her doctor told her.

After yoga I had a dear, kinky male slave take me to dinner.  After dinner I was the dessert.  I've seen him for years.  Get this, he's over 80 years old and very alive.  Do I worry about him dieing on me?  NO!  He drives his BMW like a mad man.  eeK! ---  take the back streets which we did.  Hold on Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond

Last night's fantasy story, I'm the postal lady who brings over other postal friends.  We deliver the mail and other goodies to my fetish slave.  He liked the idea that his condo is a "stop and go" for all the ladies in the town.  When they need him they knock on his door and use his face.  My slave is the town's "T" for gassy juicy farts  - ha ha ha ha ha  - I fart on him a lot.  I'm his Fart Diva, my gas is the only gas in the world that gives you energy.  ))))))))))))) LAUGHING LOUDLY RIGHT NOW (((((((((( ----------- I make him eat prunes from my bum bum.  It's so funny what we do together. 

SO FUNNY FUN what gets nuts a-going, up and away to heaven's kinky door.


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