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Vintage Porn Movie - Copyright 2002

After 10 long years this video "School Teacher Gang Bang Slut" was returned.  I'm so excited beyond words.  It's one of my first movies I produced.  Quality is vintage not HD.  I will be loaded to my site by the end of the month (Sony camera 2002).  I was making movies with Kitty Foxx at this time.  The movie was filmed in Northern California.  I remember this male porn producer from SF, he came down to see if I needed his help.  Yeah baby, I helped him get OFF!  This movie was made just when the Internet was beginning to take off in Silicon Valley. I had a copy of the movie with photos but it was stolen.  How did I get it back?  That's another story worth a 1000 words.  What a girl has to go through to be a porn star.  LOL.  Never give up NEVER! 

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