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Driving home last night full moon was low and beautiful


Did you see the Full Mooon last night?  I was blessed to see the full moon glowing just over the trees.  A "Full Moon" is  special, so big and bright in the sky.  I've watched it grow to it's fullness the last few nights.  I hope you saw it too.  It's Friday, yeah baby.  I feel so blessed as I type my thoughts to all of you.  Hope your weekend is lovely as mine will be too.  Hopeful yoga tonight will be as easy as last night.

I went to yoga class last night.  It was pretty gud class.  I did not suffer much.  Monday night I was dieing.  I think something was killed inside of me in that class.  Go to yoga get a new body and person every time.  With the summer heat yoya is harder. 

When you show up for Bikram yoga you are showing up for yourself.  You are the investment.  Invest in yourself with Bikram yoga.

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