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Saturday iFriends live cam viewers comments to their whore teacher

HOTAARON [15:33]: you want those whoe tits milked?
ROB31903 [15:32]: you look so sexy Mistress
GUEST20 [15:32]: we are so ready for school to start
GUEST30 [15:32]: <Private> Let's see those hairs all juicy baby???
ROB31903 [15:32]: i want to clean her all up
GUEST233 [15:32]: rub that whore cunt
GUEST233 [15:31]: what a dirty whore
ROB31903 [15:31]: Hello Mistress
GUEST30 [15:31]: <Private> without panties this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GUEST172 [15:31]: come on get that fucking harry wet pussy out now teacher and let us masturbate together
GUEST20 [15:31]: people who dont like school havent been to ur class
GUEST30 [15:31]: <Private> Can you use the toy again please baby???
GUEST172 [15:30]: thats my favorite lesson
GUEST172 [15:30]: how much can a granny squirt teacher
GUEST20 [15:30]: first lesson: oral
GUEST172 [15:30]: when start the lesson
GUEST30 [15:29]: <Private> wet panties please baby????
GUEST172 [15:29]: i know you have 3 holes
GUEST20 [15:29]: then fuck me now
GUEST172 [15:29]: gang bang party with a granny mhhh
GUEST139 [15:29]: moma get wet bb
GUEST20 [15:28]: i wont if u fuck urself now
GUEST20 [15:28]: im gunna tell the principal that my teacher is haveing sex with me
GUEST139 [15:28]: go fuck ur pussy and mqke it wet n stinky for us mom
ILVECLIT [15:28]: <Private> it's Lisa so nice to see ya
GUEST30 [15:28]: <Private> Can we see Teachers wet panties please????
ILVECLIT [15:28]: <Private> you look great
BUSITNOW(VCW) [15:28]: no way you are older?  looking 35
DUTCHH36 [15:28]: <Private> slide two fingers inside
GUEST139 [15:27]: word
GUEST172 [15:27]: or I go to school management and complain
GUEST20 [15:27]: everyone is ready for class
ILVECLIT [15:27]: <Private> good afternoon
BUSITNOW(VCW) [15:27]: lot of window shopping today?
DUTCHH36 [15:27]: <Private> need to cum in your mouth
GUEST139 [15:27]: do u have children bb
GUEST30 [15:27]: <Private> mmm yes nipples out please Teacher!!!
GUEST172 [15:27]: get naked now lets go
GUEST172 [15:27]: teacher i dont like to say it so often
BUSITNOW(VCW) [15:27]: do they get big and hard
GUEST139 [15:26]: kids bb sexi
BUSITNOW(VCW) [15:26]: wow baby, very nice
GUEST20 [15:26]: that red thing is in the way
GUEST139 [15:26]: squirt for me bb im 20 yrs old
GUEST172 [15:26]: than you can let your pussy dripping
GUEST20 [15:26]: how does it taste
DUTCHH36 [15:26]: <Private> very hot Zoe
GUEST30 [15:25]: <Private> Can we see your bare pussy cum please miss???
GUEST139 [15:25]: sexy moma
GUEST172 [15:25]: get your pussy out now teacher
GUEST172 [15:25]: i like to rub my big red 18 years old dick too get them shot for you my teacher
GUEST139 [15:24]: fuck my black dick bb
GUEST172 [15:24]: come on my teacher get them out and let us cum together
GUEST139 [15:24]: oh mo.a
GUEST172 [15:24]: i think nobody need that
GUEST172 [15:23]: why you wearing that pantie teacher
DUTCHH36 [15:23]: <Private> need heels on
GUEST30 [15:23]: <Private> Oh yes make me cum miss please!!!!!!!!!!!
GUEST172 [15:23]: they can show me that again and explain
DUTCHH36 [15:23]: <Private> naughty fucking GILF
GUEST20 [15:23]: whip em out, teach , me
GUEST172 [15:23]: we write a check, through the construction of a vagina
GUEST30 [15:22]: <Private> Can we have a Biology lesson please miss????
GUEST172 [15:22]: can you give me a little tutor in multiple sexual female customer
GUEST20 [15:22]: tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits
LITTLECOCK2 [15:22]: you there?
GUEST30 [15:21]: <Private> Come on Teacher show your clitty please??????
LITTLECOCK2 [15:21]: hi
GUEST172 [15:20]: why you never say my name kevin come on moan a bit
GUEST20 [15:20]: too much
GUEST172 [15:20]: get that fucking clothers out teacher
GUEST172 [15:19]: and than make you naked and give me some hurts i like to do it for you
GUEST30 [15:19]: <Private> Just a little peek of your clitty please please Teacher Zoe
GUEST20 [15:19]: do you ike feet play
GUEST172 [15:19]: tell me your name teacher
GUEST172 [15:18]: but best fucker
GUEST172 [15:18]: im kevin teacher your badest student
GUEST30 [15:18]: <Private> Teacher Zoe must need to play with her pussy now!!!!!
GUEST172 [15:17]: im kevinmrs.teacher whats your name
GUEST20 [15:17]: tits  titstits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits tits
GUEST172 [15:17]: do you like the name from your student my techer
SEX_SLUT65 [15:17]: <Private> mmmm those tits r hypnotising me
GUEST172 [15:16]: oww no my dick awww taht hurt noo
SEX_SLUT65 [15:16]: <Private> im richard ntmu
SEX_SLUT65 [15:16]: <Private> hi sexy how r u
GUEST30 [15:16]: <Private> Can teacher pop the heel in her pussy now please????
FRENCHKISSER [15:16]: <Private> what about the anus?
GUEST172 [15:16]: techer stop that you make me horny
GUEST124 [15:16]: <Private> could i pls see ur sexy stocking feet
GUEST20 [15:15]: hairy or shved
GUEST30 [15:15]: <Private> Oh yes baby what a good teacher
GUEST172 [15:15]: no no no techer stop now
GUEST172 [15:15]: please no it hurts so hard
GUEST20 [15:15]: kdlkmslkmcdlsakmcv
GUEST172 [15:15]: no teacher dont do that
GUEST20 [15:15]: how big are they
GUEST30 [15:14]: <Private> can you rub the heel on your white panties please teacher???
GUEST172 [15:14]: no teacher stop it
GUEST172 [15:14]: to make me horny
GUEST172 [15:14]: teacher i rub so often today my big dick is so red please make me not hard againe it hurts so bad stop it
GUEST20 [15:14]: insert it
GUEST30 [15:13]: <Private> would love your tongue round my cock teacher!!!!!!!!!!
GUEST20 [15:13]: how big
GUEST124 [15:13]: <Private> yes
GUEST20 [15:13]: yeah u are
GUEST20 [15:12]: teacher im your bitch boy
GUEST30 [15:12]: <Private> Has teacher got big nipples?????
GUEST20 [15:11]: i wanna be in there
GUEST172 [15:11]: sorry sorry teacher
GUEST20 [15:11]: punish him
GUEST20 [15:10]: foot play?
GUEST30 [15:10]: <Private> Teacher can I see your pussy lips bitch
GUEST172 [15:10]: come on teacher get your clothers out and dominate me
GUEST124 [15:10]: <Private> i would love to suck on ur sexy stocking feet
GUEST30 [15:09]: <Private> what do I have to say bb??
GUEST20 [15:09]: teacher im ur bitch boy
GUEST172 [15:09]: teacher im your bitch boy
GUEST172 [15:09]: come on my granny get your clothers out and masturbate
GUEST20 [15:09]: feet
GUEST20 [15:09]: pop that cherry
GUEST172 [15:08]: i am a very bad student hunni
GUEST30 [15:08]: <Private> Can see white panties but want to see pussy lips!!!!!!!!!!!
GUEST20 [15:08]: how about white titties
GUEST172 [15:08]: thats what you wanna do ?
GUEST172 [15:07]: mhhh come on granny get your big titts out and cum with me
GUEST30 [15:07]: <Private> nipple flash please baby????
GUEST20 [15:07]: teach us
PIMPDADDY80 [15:07]: hey sexy
GUEST172 [15:07]: yeah how fucking hot is that granny mhhh
GUEST20 [15:07]: anything
GUEST124 [15:07]: <Private> i would love to suck on ur sweet an sexy stocking feet teacher
GUEST20 [15:06]: can i stayafter class
GUEST30 [15:06]: <Private> Pull panties to the side baby please
GUEST20 [15:06]: i wish i was in ur class
GUEST30 [15:05]: <Private> Oh yess baby -- more more more!!!!!!!!!
GUEST124 [15:05]: <Private> yesssssssssssss
GUEST20 [15:05]: pullem to thee side
GUEST124 [15:05]: <Private> yessssssssssssssss plsssssssssssssssss
GUEST20 [15:04]: <Private> do you like younger men
GUEST124 [15:04]: <Private> if  where my teacher i would get dentention all the time
GUEST20 [15:04]: that is so sexy
GUEST20 [15:03]: wowza
GUEST20 [15:03]: hi
GUEST124 [15:02]: <Private> i must say u r 1 very sexy lady
GUEST30 [15:02]: <Private> Can you play with pussy baby please???
GUEST124 [15:02]: <Private> hello sexy lady
CHRISRM1970 [15:02]: how are you
CHRISRM1970 [15:02]: hello
GUEST30 [15:01]: <Private> mm lovely view can I see your panties baby please???
GUEST54 [15:01]: <Private> how old r ?
GUEST30 [15:01]: <Private> wow looking great baby
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GUEST30 [15:01]: <Private> Hello baby
GUEST54 [14:59]: <Private> hey
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Video pics from the show.  It was off the wall live cam show.  I was late this monring had to deal with server issues.  It's stable cool.  I was the whore teacher in tight girdle nylons and red bar for my Frilly & students.  I like to get all the boys in my classroom hiped up for tons of sex with me.  Yeah baby.
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