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Fetish Diva Diamond's Haus of Twigs

A Mistress need to be confident and bold enough when she spanks using tree switches or twigs on a submissive male.  You must know yourself.  In the beginning I was to careful which is good.  I was a nice Mistress when I entered my Domme-Hood.  That's important.  If you have too much anger it will scare male subs away.  In BDSM relationships, key elements are repect and trust for each other.  If none, it will not last.  The relationship between a Diva and her male sub is ongoing and can last for years.  I have many male subs I care for, hitting well over 15 years.  There is love, kindness and gving them what they desperately need month after month.  It's a special relationship, it's kink, the kinky, not falling into the norm.  It takes non-judgemental talent, a listening ear and a big heart to keep them coming back for more.  Do you see the texture on these twigs? Butttercup, cut them down and brought them to me this monring. Yes, there are thorns and sharp points.  He liked his twigs that way.  Laughing. and big smiles!  Fetish Diva Diamond www.stardomtheatre.com

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