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The wild kingdom @ home with Zoe Zane

A night ago, I was leaving the Safeway parking lot and saw an amphibious, white with bold black letters, landing machine/vehicle for the CAMPBELL POLICE.  The guy was in a swat uniform drive on the outside of the parking lot.  He drove this huge white painted landing machine like it was nothing.  The fumes from the vehicle were diesel.  It ruffled my feathers, I drove the other way, straight for home.  I called my ER doctor son, he was not sure what it was. Did I take a picture of it?  No.  I was too scared to click and run.  Yesterday, I had the girls put their Dad on my phone who is my UtahX.  He knew what it was and got excited talking about it.  If only he would of been that excited about me.  LOL.  I'm off the subject.  BURB.  I searched all over the Net to find a picture of the huge white landing machine.  This is close enough, the image below.  I witnessed it take over the driving lane in the grocery parking lot.  Very intimidating.  It felt like I was in a Marshall Law dream.  eeK!  OMG WOW --- too wild to scream.


Peanut Jr. leaped off the roof ---- LOL ..... and LOL again!

My male cat, Peanut Jr., jumped off the roof again.  He doesn't want to waste his time to ground sero.  WTF, Peanut.  I didn't see him on the roof, took the stairs down.  There he was sniffing a plant.  What a crazy cat.

This is a funny cat video I found on Google. woo hoo - this is how Peanut looked from behind jumping off my roof

.Funny Pictures - Cat Jump Fail Gif
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