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I got lost in Milpitas, California.  LOL.  Map Quest gave me the wrong direction.  OFM.  Hot 4 the older woman?  ..... and 30 minutes late, LOL.  It was just down the San Tomas Expressway to Montague.  LOL.  Next time call the location for directions. I found myself driving up into the hillside with bikers.  Turned around called the hotel.  Oh brother oh mother
oh father!!!!!  We were hot 4 each other!  YES.

Helped my family down South San Jose.  I love going down to their house.  His girlfriend is total rocking best --- I call her Tami on Tap.  Everyone could watch and learn from Tami on how to be kind.  I love her.

Home with cats:  Buddy was sleeping on his back with all 4 paws facing the ceiling again.  Peanut did not jump off the roof.  whew --- He throws himself down on the rug wiggles to get scrubbed by me.  I gave it too him.  * % # @ ....@ & % !!!! ----------He loves me so much.  Chubs is stretching his kitty yoga poses this morning.

Last night I got my assed kicked by the owner of Bikram Yoga studio.  She saw my practice as a good one.  She kept on me like a personal coach the whole time in class.  LOL.  I did it.  I can handle the pressure ---- to be better for myself.  Years ago, I was the lead dancer for a New York modern dance company.  The head Mistess dancer wanted me to speak out loud words on the stage.  I couldn't do it in front of the Head Mistress when I was 20 years old.  I was too scared, I would be wrong.  I froze.  Negative screaming balling busting 24/7 parents make you close down.  I shut up in fear.  Last night I got my ass kicked by a champion Bikram Yoga owner. 

This is how I felt after class. I'm okay.

exhausted bear
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