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Blue Hair Diva Live Cam Show - viewers comments

The bell in the show makes me horny to jack off my cunt .... & ) --- OOO ---   * $....ooooo!!!!  My sunglasses fogged up in the show.  Wearing black PVC in the summer gets steamy hot! LOL.
I'm a bad girl, I smoked a blue Nat Sherman cig in the show. If my Bikram yoga teacher friend knew I smoked a cig she would spazzz out.  Somethings I never tell to the wrong people.  She freaks out if I rub unknow lotion on my skin. I don't tan and she fries herself at tanning booths.  WTF.  Can you see how mixed up we are in our minds.  I admit, I'm mixed up.  HA HA HA

GUEST250 [13:25]: <Private> love that tongue
LUVHRTITS [13:24]: I am so naughty, mistress
LUVHRTITS [13:24]: tongue tickle my balls
GUEST250 [13:24]: <Private> i want my face to smell like your cunt mistress
LUVHRTITS [13:24]: smother my face with those fingers
LUVHRTITS [13:23]: is your pussy tight mistress?
GUEST250 [13:23]: <Private> mmmmm nice view
LUVHRTITS [13:23]: hahaha
LUVHRTITS [13:22]: oh yess mistress
LUVHRTITS [13:22]: mmmmmmmm
LUVHRTITS [13:22]: I love it mistress whore
GUEST250 [13:22]: <Private> love to slide my tongue in that beautiful cunt
LUVHRTITS [13:22]: now I want a drag
LUVHRTITS [13:22]: mmmmm
LUVHRTITS [13:21]: teach me a lesson, mistress whore
GUEST250 [13:21]: <Private> how's my naughty whore today ?
LUVHRTITS [13:21]: sooo soo dirty
GUEST250 [13:21]: <Private> mmmmm hello
JOESUTTON [13:20]: can ic ur tities
LUVHRTITS [13:19]: mmmmmmmmmm
JOESUTTON [13:19]: rub it
JOESUTTON [13:19]: wow
LUVHRTITS [13:19]: dirty mistress whore
LUVHRTITS [13:18]: you sitt on me while you smoke
LUVHRTITS [13:18]: make me a good boy
LUVHRTITS [13:18]: I am so naughty , I need spanked
LUVHRTITS [13:17]: I wll be a very good boy
LUVHRTITS [13:17]: lick lick lick
LUVHRTITS [13:16]: I want to tickle mistress whoe
LUVHRTITS [13:16]: oh yes mistress
LUVHRTITS [13:15]: sexxxy mistress
LUVHRTITS [13:15]: mmmmmmmmmm
LUVHRTITS [13:14]: I am your slave
LUVHRTITS [13:14]: haha tickle tickle
LUVHRTITS [13:13]: tease me some more mistress whore
LUVHRTITS [13:11]: oh oh
LUVHRTITS [13:11]: I'll be naughty and you can bury thoe tits in my face
LUVHRTITS [13:10]: sit on me and smother me mistress whore
$ -- GUEST89 [13:10]: i want to smell ur stinky ass mistress bitch!
LUVHRTITS [13:09]: sit down and relax
LUVHRTITS [13:09]: oh yes
LUVHRTITS [13:09]: stiff rod, and tickled nuts feel good
$ -- GUEST76 [13:08]: lets see your sexy tits luv
LUVHRTITS [13:08]: ooooo
LUVHRTITS [13:08]: do what you wish with me mistress whore
LUVHRTITS [13:07]: tease
LUVHRTITS [13:07]: oh mistress whore
$ -- GUEST89 [13:07]: sit on my face-make me smell it!!
$ -- GUEST89 [13:06]: uare agood mistress-i wish u would dominate me-treat me l
LUVHRTITS [13:06]: hahah
LUVHRTITS [13:06]: now fart
LUVHRTITS [13:06]: mmmmmmmmm
LUVHRTITS [13:06]: mmmmmmmmmmm
LUVHRTITS [13:06]: sexxy dirty whore, luv
GUEST192 [13:04]: <Private> nice but feet are not my thing lol
$ -- GUEST76 [13:04]: lets see your sexy tits luv
GUEST192 [13:04]: <Private> make longjet not be able to resist you sexy
$ -- GUEST76 [13:04]: lets see your sexy tits luv
$ -- GUEST89 [13:04]: nice boots,too-i would love to lick them!
GUEST192 [13:03]: <Private> do you c2c
GUEST192 [13:03]: <Private> well longjet may have to log in yet if you keep that
up lol
$ -- GUEST89 [13:01]: hi-u sure do have a nice ass!
$ -- GUEST76 [13:00]: lets see your sexy tits luv
DUTCHH36(VCW) [12:58]: <Private> such a tease Zoe,,,,
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Sat Aug 11, 2012 10:31 am

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