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Going full throttle yesterday - Saturday

Hit the computer early in the morning for this and that.  I do a lot before I get out the door everyday on the Net.  Answering emails, making sure friends get what they need, posting ads etc.  Like now, I do write ups on what's new with Zoe.
Had some quick coffee, my new drink in the latter part of my life.  How did I live without coffee before this?  Mormon up bringing and it's exhaustion for the Church.  I gave the Mormon Church a big part of me, almost my life.  LOL.  No Church is that great to give yourself away.
I found a amaeur house party video at Sexy Miss Lizz's house in the D drive.  Those were the good old days.  Lizz is the best and a hot MILF babe!  I wore a PVC Dom dress and blue hair, thigh high boots in live cam show on iFriends.  In the amateur video, I think I was a bit drunk.  I drank more with the old boyfriend which was not a lot in those day.  I don't like to drink alone.  I need another human to enjoy the brain freeze with.  My fantasy these days is to have some guy THAT turns me on get me drunk and has his way with me.  I miss that one.  During the week, I had an encounter with a hot guy from the Mid-West.  I told him, next time, get me drunk and have your way with me.  Warning notice:  I only let you get me drunk if you get me hot.  Laughing.
Edited the live cam show with blue hair, more coffee.  Then 2 old friends blessed me.  More blue editing.  Then off to Los Altos, Ca. for a tiny day vacation with my new girlfriend "Crystal".  She's so fine and well versed.  We were blessed by the T Man yesterday afternoon.  I love him.  He told his story how he redid his house.  WOW!  What a story about 2 kinds of rat, bees and water damage.  You would never know it, his house looks so great today.
Home last night for a tiny dinner with the 3 cats.  They were very happy to see their Mommie Zoe.  It took a few hours for me to unwind and fall asleep. 

Right now, this very moment, Big Fat Buddy, the 20 pounder cat is on his side purring doing his pump a lumpa with both paws.  He's so cool.  The cats when they want my attention, they put their furry butts in my face when I am typing at my computer.  LOL.

I like both limos.  My drunk fantasy, to be taken advantage on Wall Street in black silk stocking and heels.

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