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Turn it Right Zoe in Yoga Class - Sunday

Bikram Yoga is damn hard everyone.  Why Bikram Zoe?  Some know why, here's my reason for torture in the 105 degree room @ 90 minutes. At 35, I was heading for a wheel chair for the rest of my life.  I'm undoing the damage from a heartless Mormon Temple marriage.  I was so scarred to leave that life.  I was bed ridden for 2 years and on crutches.  It was divorce time and my break away.  My broken self esteem was near zero.  I didn't know who I really was. I thought I was worthless.  All those negative words that I was an apostate of  Church.  I told myself no wheel chair Zoe.  NO!  Sometimes in yoga class I get off balance when turning between poses.  I accidentally touch another yogi.  I need a balance space suit to keep me on track in class -  pic below.  or..... is that how I feel after class???  LOL LOL LOL --- yes it is! ---- I keep doing it in the same pose.  I was in the back corner last night.  Yesterday was a rest day for me at home.  I took 2 small cat naps like the my 3 cats.  It will be hot this week in San Jose, cooling off by week's end. Hang on Zo Zo.  I'm not fond of the summer heat.  I like 70 degree weather that is boring ..... OR rain and fog.

Folsom Street Fair is coming up, Sunday, September 23, 2012.  I will be wearing gold, silver and platinum --- way out there on the streets of San Francisco with stripper daughter and camera.
Gotta go to the grocery store for the 3 monster cats who must have their kitty snacks, I call kitty crack.  ...... meow meow and more meow  ------- we need our kitty crack...... Mommie Zoe

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