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Old Friends

I ran into great friends at yoga last night.  Oh, this is so FAB!  Nothing's an accident when you run into certain people.  The owner of the studio called me "sister"  Woeeee.  She sees me as her sister?  WOW!  When the owner gives you that kind of recognition it's absolute respect.  I'm still duct taping me fractured toe in class.  I'm buying wild colored duct tape today to dresss my foot up.  I saw a Yahoo photo of a volleyball female Olympian who abs were taped up.  Last night my pinky toe was bothering me a lot.  I packed it with the herb comfrey.  I sleep with it on all night long.  I wrapped my foot in a sock.  It worked. I feel better this morning.  Maybe over the weekend when I saw the TMan with Crystal in heels, it irritated my pinky.  I was careful when I walked in my heels taking my shoes off to rest my foot.  This fractured pinky toe has been a hard ordeal for me.  My spirits are up.  It's not hard when my new project for "FIM' is moving in a very postive direction.  A "FIM" is a financial income machine.  This new project is changing many lives for the better. 
Yesterday, I celebrated with one of my special friends his birthday.  Happy Birthday Baby.  Paid some bills, did a update for Southern Charms site.

One of my ongoing hobbies:  I collect photos of Marilyn Monroe.  She lives with me all the time, her sexy spirit.  I love her!
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