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Fun with Nuts

Saturday night after yoga class, driving in my silver car with wild blonde hair, I see two Chinese males, square and short in stature.  One of them gave me his sexy eye look and gabbed his dick in his pants.  LOL.  He saw the wild blonde hair in the silver car that zinged his dick.  It made me laugh.  Fun with nuts in my car driving to the CheeseCake Factory for a piece of Key Lime Cake.

Last night before yoga class, a guy friend who knows what I do for a living, was telling me nut jokes making me laugh.  JOKE:  This horny male was talking to a hot babe asking her if she had American Indian in her.  Get it?  HA HA HA --- if anyone asks me that "Q" ----I will ask back ---- have you had a Danish on and around you?  Wink and grin!

I played rub the olive oil on Mo and Me.  He was a skinny 24 e-stud muffin.  It was hot what his nuts did 2 times in 15.  WOW!  Mo was in his twenties.  I love messy. 

Stripper daughter, our private cell phone conversation about a male who tried to get her attention at the gas pump.  He tried 5 times, she didn't give him the attention he hungered for.  Pumped her gas, got in her car and drove away.  He yelled loud, louder, and THEN way way way LOUD ---- want my hairy nuts?  LOL LOL LOL LOL and LOL again --- whew.  I like it, she ignored his silly words about his hairy nuts.  HA HA HA  ( the yelling male was chubby )  I love funny fat boys.  I adored John Candy, the male movie star. He was too funny.  We all loved JC.  If John was yelling about his hairy nuts, I would run up, lightly tickle them and watch his face.  Can you see his face right now?  HA HA HA   ---  Hi Mr. Candy, I know you want to be a good boy for Miss Zoe.  Tickle tickle tickle
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