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I am not dead Zoe Zane and not a victim!

The  poen name Zoey Zane, it's a murdered name given to dead Emily Irene Sander - Zoey Zane has higher traffic than my own name Zoe Zane --- Alexa site traffic.  I gotta live with a murdered name on the Net.  Universe is getting me ready for Halloween with the dead name Zoey Zane.  Some of you think, alive Zoe Zane is getting traffic for being murderd.  Traffic is traffic, right.  You are right, I'm getting murder traffic on the Net.  One time, I'm the real Zoe Zane and next I'm murdered @ 18 years old.  LOL.  This is freaking inzane.  My horoscope told me to get ready to not ride in a limo but take a ride in the outback with a shoot gun at my side.  I think Americans get off on the drama of murder more than juicy hot sex.  Look at the numbers baby cakes.  When Emily was murdered many webmasters jumped on HIGH on her murder traffic.  WTF.

My kids just gave me a present to learn now to shoot guns like the CIA.   I have a lifetime membership worth $4000 dollars with ------------------.  Will post the name of the website when I get the certificate.  I'm not a victim anymore.  I will be out with my two daughters and our guns on the open range in Utah.  Ta Ta Ta and La La La.  Isn't that sweet that a religious state has tons of guns and red necks banging away in the hills.  Porn Star Vicky Vette promotes her on-line army.  Zoe Zane has a real army.  Granny, Zoe Zane with her 7 kids and 6 grand kids --- and their real guns.  Shall I call it the --- Z Army or G-Mas Army?  I just might.  Grinning inside as I peck away on my keyboard.

Here is some gear I am stocking piling away for Utah.  HA HA HA
Combat Boot Mama

My Pink Shooter

Women with Guns


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