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Granny Has a Gun

My gun training from "Front Sight"  Very interesting, Front Site has a Reality TV Show.  LOL
http://www.frontsight.com Here is a YOUTUBE video for Front Sight.  Yesterday, I was on the cell phone with my ER Doctor son who is excited that I will be training with him in the desert.  He made the comment, Mom, all of us kids are a one tuff bunch. I now have a real army that knows how to shoot real guns.  No victims.  Is this part of the sweet warm horror of Utah, Buttercup?  Oh-h-h, I've been gathering your favorite photos with the blue top/white shorts you adore.  Those photos bring back many memories.  It's been time consuming gathering all the photos....BUT, with lots of laughter.  HA HA HA - for Buttercup. A smoking gun will be added to my FEMDOM signature  Humiliation with laughter goes bang bang.  he he he

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