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Thank you for you caring emails

Yesterday a hacker seized my email account sending out a letter of distress to thousands of my friends.  WTF.  My Yahoo email account had mails NOT delivered over and over in 6 seconds.  What a mess.  People calling me left and right are you okay Zoe?  Have you been hacked Zoe?  YES, I was hacked by some _ _ _ _ (fill in the words expressed by a very good on-line fetish fan - THX you Mark on Southern Charms) My good friends in Canada www.ffstockings.com called the Upskirt School Teacher Miss Zoe --- a unruly student hacked his teacher's email account.  Julia the School Teacher got right in there to make it right in my email classroom.  HA HA HA ---  Miss Zoe are you okay? She instructed Miss Zoe about my hacked up email account ---  how to fix it.  She is such a nice school teacher friend.  Her webmaster likes me for my dirty mind and mouth. Laughing, Hi Graham, your filthy MTFER. Both thought I had to dump the Yahoo email account.  It was a giantess mess, years of work in folders, contacts, etc.  I called my hacker, stripper daughter and she told me to change the password.  It worked.  Wa Laaaaa!  So easy.  Yahoo blocked me from sending out emails to anyone.  My send folder is empty.  New emails got the stupid message how I'm stranded in Spain and what your $$$$$.  Zoe Zane would never beg anyone for money.  I'm a hard worker with a dirty mind.  I'm Evil Mommie on the Net.  HA HA HA  I'm moving everything over to zoe@zoezane.com  Besides Yahoo mail sucks with the new changes.  My new email account is faster.   Just what I need.


I'm down the rabbit hole with a macho male visitor next-door.  He thinks he can do whatever he wants in with my living space.  He stares at me when he walks up the stairs (I will get my camera and take a picture of him staring at me - flash him with light and then see how he acts).  He's stalking me like he has the right to do whatever he wants with women.  I made a barrier of plants, chairs, baskets to wall him out.  He was moving them around last night.  He's mad he can not take over my space and do what he wants.  I put his smelly blankets on the parking lot fence to air out.  I guess it's war with Zoe who's a female blonde bitch in America.  I know men.  He thinks I'm just a possession he can do whatever with.  Hey, asshole this is America and not your dark, backward country.  I will talk to the insecure male who's on the lease about throwing and breaking my stuff.  His macho brother makes me nervous, my balcony and the roof are the same level.  His kids could fall of the roof. 

Hey asshole this is my kingdom.  I know you do not have respect for women in your country.  You live in my country now.  This is my space, you're making me feel uncomfortable.  eeK!  Watch out for Miss Zoe, warning to the visiting asshole who makes sexual passes at me.  The asshole is married.  Wait till I get some photos of him starring at me and we will see what his wife thinks.  Keep your asshole eyeballs up the stairs.  Am I irate,,,,,I AM!

Flash a Stalker by Miss Zoe Zane

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