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Hi Sexy Miss Lizz

If you got the hackers email telling you I was lost in Spain and needed money $$$$$ dump it in the spam folder.  I know you did.  Hey girl, I will send you another email about taking over Livermore and making a Giantess Video together this month.  I'm still changing hundreds of accounts on the Net to the new email zoe@zoezane.com

I found those silly photos in your bathroom where you scribed those dirty words on my bare ass.  Remember, you wrote, I was a fart whore witha stinky asshole.  Fart lovers will loves these fetish photos.  They can sniff my ass and lick off the liquid candy.  HA HA HA  ---  Zoe Zane and Sexy Miss Lizz are Giantess together, September 2012.

The asshole neighbor is still moving my furniture, how immature.  I plastered a lime green summer umbrella near the upstairs so he could not look at me in my kitchen window.  I wonder what Jessica Lange "American Horror Story" would do to this asshole male?  Hum.  Maybe she would be nice and make him think all is good.  Jessica would stir up a nice batch of chocolate cupcakes with ex-lax.  Make sure the asshole male got the biggest one.  Add extra ex-lax in his cupcake.  It would ripe his asshole out for a few hours on the potty chair.  LAUGHING!!!  His gut has disabled his macho-ness.  Good Job Miss Zoe.  Serves him right for treating blond busty Miss Zoe Zane like a piece of meat.  Hey, Buttercup, I could use the entire bottle of children's laxative and be a nice Lady. I could. ))) he he he ((( -----  I would do that with a big smile and not be so mean.

The walls between our apartments are thins.  I would hear his asshole exploding on his potty.  I love it.  The asshole has been disarmed, taught a lesson for womanizing a Lady like Miss Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond.  My new signature food, lose weight with my home baked chocolate cupcakes.  Big smiles, you will have a ripping good time with yourself and the toilet handle.  Guaranteed results.

Happy Wednesday Everyone,  Miss Zoe Zane, your naughty Upskirt School Teacher (FEMDOM)

Will add the fart whore photo today from the studio.  woo Hoooo

zoe zane photo

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