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Slamming Zoe Zane's character on the Net

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 "RE: Bizarre e-mail from Zoe Zane"
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"Bizarre e-mail from Zoe Zane"

what's up with this then saw her post today. looks like she is around.what a scam.lol

Zoe Zane thoughts:  

.....is this person drunk on their PC?  Look at the writing.  I know who this perosn is and they are mad at Zoe Zane.  They are mad for messing things up for being drunk with Zoe Zane and her special friend.  They are slamming Zoe Zane and spreading falsehoods about her, about me.

The hacker's email is down below (at least he used good grammer and spelling - took the time to make it look nice):


I am sorry for reaching you rather too late due to the situation of things right now. My family and I had a trip visiting Barcelona (Spain), everything was going on fine until last night when we got attacked by some unknown gunmen. All our money,phones and credit cards was stolen away including some valuable items, It was a terrible experience but the good thing is they didn't hurt anyone or made away with our passports.

We have reported the incident to the local authorities and the consulate but their response was too casual, we were ask to come back in 2weeks time for investigations to be made proper,But the truth is we can't wait till then as we have just got our return flight booked and is leaving in few hours from now but presently having problems sorting out our bills here and also getting a cab down to the airport, Right now we're financially strapped due to the unexpected robbery attack, Wondering if you can help us with a quick loan to sort our bills and get back home. All we need is (€1,850.00 EUR) or anything you can afford, I promise to refund you in full as soon as I return hopefully tomorrow or next. write back now to let me know what you can do.

Thank You



Live cam shows


Big Smilesss!!!!!

Zoe Zane


Hello everyone from Zoe Zane,

what's up with this then saw her post today. looks like she is around.what a scam.lol

This Carri that I don't know thinks---- Zoe Zane sent out this email for $$$$$. Stating.... how dare Zoe Zane post on this forum. That Zoe Zane is a scammer.

The drama from a Carri, I don't know at all. I never emailed a Carri. Do any of you men in this forum have pictures or know Carri?  Zoe Zane does not know Carri. I have never emailed a Carri. I would remember if I did email Carri. So whoever is telling me about this email ----they are coming from another email address. WTF --- that person must likes drama and love hurting Zoe Zane. LOL.
Jealous insecure bitch.  HA HA HA

Yes, I was hacked. It's fixed, as of Monday. The fake name Carri that I don't know blasted out about this hacker's email ---- that was not from me.  A hacker who hacked my email account sent it out. It's against the law to hack anyone's site, email account, etc. This fake Carri likes to make trouble for Zoe Zane. LOL. THe drunk I know is slamming me and using the name Carri.

If you do get hacked on Yahoo, all you need to do is change the password. Change the password on a regular basis.

Thank you Mr. L for setting things straight about Zoe Zane on the forum post.

Zoe Zane

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