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Shall I eat this cake?

Last night, your Miss Zoe was defending her turf.  Three men from a ruling patriarchal country were in "take over" of my kingdom, the balcony.  Remember, I told you about the asshole who was eyeballing me through my kitchen window?  He was coming onto to me from afar like his Father.  I come home last night and things are throw all over the balcony by the assholes next door.  Now is the time to talk to the insecure male who is on the lease.  I came with kindness but when I saw that was not working, I went for their nuts.  It got all of them.  I AM SORRY Zoe! The screaming male who thinks I'm a 3rd world class citizen ----- made an attempt to make peace with me.  He gave me this cake and said he was sorry.  Sorry?  wtf ---  After you screamed at Zoe, you are just a woman I can push around in America.  He told me to "shut up, hand brushing me off like a was a piece of trash.  Do you think I will eat this cake after seeing the real truth?

Here is the killer cake, from the foreigner ---- I'm sorry for yelling at you.  Please forgive me.
Do you think I will trust this male neighbor?

My stripper daughter told me,--- men from this foreign country lie 24/7. She called all three men "Punks".  How dare they push a single, white American woman around.  I will let you know how Miss Zoe intimidates these assholes in future blogs.

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