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Big camera in my kitchen tonight

I told my ER Doctor son about the 3 adult men (from a patriarchal country, tell their women what do, the women do it).  Those men tired to take over my blacony, run me out.  My son's comment, "Mom, you need a gun."  Instead of a gun, I will install a huge camera up inside my kitchen window like a giant telescope.  I will not engage with the enemy.  They will not know what I 'm thinking or up to.  Silence is my power.

I called up my hosting company to fix my new email.  Still not satisfied with results.  OFM.  Some email programs suck.  I can change back and forth to a different formats for my email.  I'm not afraid to talk to savvy programmers.  I wish I could burn the hacker.  I hate hackers who ruin your life's work.  FH.  The guy I talked to about my new email account has a job because of hackers.  I'm glad he has a job.  That is gud.  LOL.  My head has fallen off, my legs feel like cement and NO yoga tonight.  I need to chill.

Live cam is tomorrow morning, evil school teacher.  9AM PST iFriends.com - you will find me as kisszoezane.

I AM OUT OF HERE!  Have fun tonight. I need to get drunk wiith you.

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