zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Stick it to the man

I got some good advice from a friend. Keep his name and number and turn him in. They do not care what I do for a living.

It took some time for the fucker to gather it up and then find some babe to fall for it. I need to stick it to the man, right! When you cheat anyone out of anything you cheat the whole entire planet and most of all yourself. What you do in life all the time falls back on you. Nothing is every un-noticed by the Universe. Cheat your friend cheat yourself and then you wonder why life keeps sucking on your end! Dumb ass.....

This happen a few years back and it took courage to bring it UP! This blog will either ruin me or save me. BUT ONE THING FOR SURE, I am tired of keeping all my shit silent.
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