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pink zoe zane group on yahoo

Why I started a new yahoo group:

23,500,000 other results
The key words have 23,000,000 million results.  I stumbled on it last week.  I'm looking for key words for a new site name.  All I can say is )))))))))WOW((((((((((


This orginal "pinkzoezane" yahoo group has history.  When Yahoo was number #1 and everyone did a yahoo group, I had over 12,000 members.  Some spam freak got mad at me for not letting him blast the group.  He got the group deleted. OFM. All that work deleted like that.  WTF. Then one of the banger brothers got the group back for me.  Whew!  All the members were gone, so I started over again.  When you get hit down just pick yourself up and GO again. My yahoo group is of my trophy for getting back up again. YES!

Now Facebook has taken over the entire planet.  For a long time, I ignored Facebook, watched the movie how it was created, it was just something else for me to do. Zoe drag myself over to Facebook and do the Facebook thang like MYSPACE. Okay. Now Facebook chat connects me to friends in Turkey.  The stock is down.  Facebook get your act together, create more value.  Yes it's social and has connected many of us.  Be social, do Facebook baby.  This new IPO has to prove itself.  Facebook prove it!  I need higher earnings from future Qs to even buy the stock.  Google was a given when it came out.  Facebook is a different story in a different time frame.

Zoe Zane

Tip fo the Day:  When life totally sucks turn on your favorite music and move!

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