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Yahoo email account - Teacher's lesson on hacked Yahoo email

Change your password often with Yahoo email.  Make your password complicated.  Write it down. 

Right now, Yahoo is getting hacked a lot.

Yahoo called me today, my email account is working correctly.  Hackers will go in and change your email address with one letter.  When you send out email and IF the receiver responds back it goes to the hacker'e email (that was created by the hacker).  Then the hacker spams out again and again.  WTF - OMG 

my email         opforfree@yahoo.com

hacker's email  opforifree@yahoo.com (see the extra letter in the address)

Fix the hacked email:

Go to:
  mail options

When sending messages:   X check the box - Save a copy of the message in the Sent folder (make sure this box is checked)

   X check the box - Automatically add new recipients to my Contacts

General ( top left)  - Go to accounts - click on accounts
  yahoo mail

Here you will see if the hacker added a new email in a box.  I discovered the hacker had changed my email.  The hacker sets up a email account close to my email address.  The hacker added one new letter to my email address.
Delete the email created by the hacker.  Now I can send emails out to my friends.  Whew!  I did it.

Yahoo fixes your free email accounts for free.  Do not give money or credit card numbers to companies acting like Yahoo.  I thought people using my name for their gain was rude.  Yahoo is made to look like they are scamming customers.  This is wrong how thieves are stealing with their fake yahoo support companies.  LOL.

Beware and stay educated.

Miss Zoe Zane

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