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Writing about the dead

My traffic search on "The girl who used my name Zoey Zane" is constant.  Traffic is going up on Zoey Zane redirected to her real name Emily Irene Sander.  A fan or is this a scam site?  Someone has set up a scholarship fund for a murdered Emily. When I bring it up in conversation with friends they all think this scholarship is a scam. I'm obsessed with Emily like the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".  Remember how he built Devil's Mountain in his kitchen?

At eighteen in college, I knew I had something important to do.  At Brigham Young University, I was the leader of this women's group.  Yeah, and the men in the Church were telling us what to do.  I did pretty good being single.  I was free to come and go do my thing.  Getting married was prison with not much sex.  LOL.  That was long ago, now the X Mormon husband lives alone.  My two girls moved into the house we bought.  The girls, their cats and my heart is better.  They are far away from their Dad who hates women and has "crusty troll" toe nails.  eek!  He's over 70, has not taken care of himself.  It's a miracle I got far away from him and the Church.  I could not sleep with his toe nails.  Sounds funny but living with those sick suckers is not my thang.

My blog has been about my hacked Yahoo email and macho next-door neighbors.  I stay much to myself when I come home at night. My cameras are at my house with my three cats.  I've been at it all day long.  It's my chill out time with the cats.  Peanut Jr, who is running for President, Chubs who loves to sneak outside, and the 20 pound-er, Mr. Big Heart, I call Buddy.  He gives good "paw paw" to his Mommie.  I go to Bikram yoga and get wasted for life .  My goal @ 90 I am productive.  There will be no nursing home, wheel chairs for me at this age.  NO WAY!
On ASK, I couldn't find a photo of ugly crusty toes.  Thank God.  Most people who have ugly toes hide them. 

Zoe Zane Feet 
zoe zane feet

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