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Vintage Porn Photo - Zoe Zane and Kitty Foxx

I wonder how many men have jacked off looking at my porn photos with Kitty Foxx?  I'd jump on a plane, from San Jose to Vegas, takes about one hour and make a porn movie with Kitty Foxx.  Those days were wild on the Net.  Porn was new and exciting.  Now if you want to see free porn join a porn hacker site.  Guys buy one month membership, give out the user name and password to thousands.  At one time it made me furious.  Now, who-cares.  Porn and Hollywood movies are the same, let's steal them all. 
It was great with Kitty Foxx making porn movies at her Las Vegas House for Sex.  I would stay for a weekend, have tons of sex with younger guys and go home.  The quality of the photo is okay.  In those days it was a great photo.  Today this photo is vintage, two older women, two wild grannies fucking themselves silly on a Vegas floor.  Oh, do you see the orbs in the photo?  They look like water spots.  Orbs are fields of high energy.  I find them in many of my photos when I'm happy, wild and crazy.  

zoe zane photo
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