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How about a Dorothy Dominatrix? This is so funny

Live cam viewers comment in todays live cam show


GUEST161 [13:21]: Fake tan wig!!
GUEST236 [13:21]: stand up and click your heels my wickednes
GUEST236 [13:20]: hhhmm dunno
GUEST161 [13:20]: Hi
GUEST236 [13:19]: ok
GUEST236 [13:18]: stand up and do it
GUEST236 [13:18]: stand up
GUEST236 [13:18]: click your heels before you go
GUEST236 [13:18]: can i see some
GUEST236 [13:17]: when will you be back
GUEST236 [13:17]: you are so wicked, my wicked witch now you just need those
magic red heels
GUEST108 [13:17]: crazy shit
GUEST236 [13:16]: and let it drip on my chest
GUEST236 [13:16]: <Private> big ones i see
GUEST236 [13:15]: <Private> what
GUEST236 [13:15]: <Private> okay, ..............mmmmmmmmmmmmm
GUEST236 [13:14]: <Private> love to see you in ruby slippers my wicked wtich
GUEST236 [13:13]: <Private> i mean you click your heels and im you slave for any
GUEST236 [13:12]: <Private> you would be more a wicked wtich with the ruby
slippers that dorothy to tell the truth
GUEST241 [13:12]: horny please
GUEST236 [13:12]: hot but so sexy
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GUEST236 [13:11]: ill do it
GUEST236 [13:11]: brat love it pop
HOTAARON [13:09]: without
HOTAARON [13:09]: youd probably fuck a guy in the ass with giving a reach around
GUEST236 [13:09]: fire
GUEST236 [13:08]: yeah
GUEST224 [13:08]: zoom backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
GUEST236 [13:08]: but i like the brat 2
HOTAARON [13:07]: a bratty whore
GUEST224 [13:07]: zoom outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
GUEST224 [13:07]: nice breast
GUEST236 [13:07]: :(
HOTAARON [13:06]: you too
GUEST224 [13:06]: hru
GUEST236 [13:06]: <Private> i imagine you with magic red spike heels
GUEST224 [13:06]: hello
HOTAARON [13:06]: toto loves PB if you know what i mean
GUEST236 [13:05]: <Private> clicks them and makes me stroke how fast she clicks
HOTAARON [13:05]: id let her little --- watch too
GUEST236 [13:05]: <Private> and its not the red shoes, its other heels she uses
GUEST236 [13:04]: she does
GUEST236 [13:03]: <Private> with the heels and she forces me not to stroke
HOTAARON [13:03]: i always thought dorothy had a tight ass
GUEST236 [13:03]: <Private> well clicks her heels and forces me to cum
GUEST236 [13:02]: <Private> or a dorothy brat like
GUEST236 [13:02]: <Private> miss brat, do you like my idea a dorothy dominatrix
HOTAARON [13:02]: brats need to get spanked
GUEST124 [13:01]: <Private> r u wearing stockings
GUEST236 [13:01]: <Private> i had an idea of a bratty dorothy that made men cum
when they saw the red shoes and she dominatated them
KNCKLHD11555 [13:00]: <Private> FOFF???
GUEST124 [13:00]: <Private> hello hot an sexy lady
HOTAARON [13:00]: fuckingntease
GUEST236 [13:00]: <Private> yeah and im fucking stiff goddess
GUEST236 [12:59]: <Private> what kind of high heels do you have
GUEST236 [12:58]: <Private> use to the high heels though mam
GUEST236 [12:58]: <Private> yep hard to explain
GUEST236 [12:57]: <Private> well i get off when she does that in the movie
HOTAARON [12:57]: you must be a good whore
GUEST236 [12:57]: <Private> ever click your heels like dorothy
HOTAARON [12:57]: that was quick
GUEST236 [12:56]: <Private> hi
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SEAMUS3400 [12:55]: love to lick that cunt
SEAMUS3400 [12:55]: love that swollen clit too
SEAMUS3400 [12:55]: good girl
SEAMUS3400 [12:55]: i want to see your hairy pussy love
SEAMUS3400 [12:54]: better now love
SEAMUS3400 [12:54]: too many guys are too cheap to go PVT
SEAMUS3400 [12:54]: lets play love
GoPrivate [12:54]: SEAMUS3400 Now @ $4.49/min for private 1-on-1. When
finished, click 'End Private Session' and resume free session
HOTAARON [12:54]: what a whore
SEAMUS3400 [12:53]: lets play in PVT love....
GUEST241 [12:53]: ooooh yess my bby
SEAMUS3400 [12:53]: mmmm, gorgeous Zoe
GUEST241 [12:53]: show ass more
GUEST241 [12:52]: lol
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