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My race before the crash

I've been operating on XP over 10 years.  If you saw how I'm on the edge of crashed computers you would be shaking your head and rolling your eyeballs.  I hate putting a new computer together for HD and faster.  It willl be up next week.  I'm living on the fumes of 22% of my hard drive.  ZOE IT IS TIME TO UPGRADE!!!!  I hear yeah baby cakes.  Holding out might not be so smart.  Yesterday, Dreamweaver flipped out on the studio computer.  I uploaded it over on the home computer.  Need to download my images converted.  I found it for free from TuCows.  Thank you TC.  I went over to Fry's in Campbell and checked out 1TB with 12 GB RAM/high definition.  Sony does not make towers anymore???  I'm thinking, I bet you you can get a Sony tower custom made like Apple.  I'm telling myself to stay calm and take it one step at a time.  I can upgrade. I can do the new computers.  Pray for me.  I need your help. 
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