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Satisfied Your Diva

Buttercup's first priority is to be thinking always about how he can
satisfy Goddess Diva by what he can be doing for her: How much he can do,
how well he can do, how quickly and avidly he can do to meet or exceed her
expectations..  She should never have to wonder what he is doing.  It is
unconscionable she doesn't know exactly how he is contributing to her
satisfaction at any moment.  Even though she knows he is thinking
about her and her many beauties that intoxicate, addict him to her when
he is diddling his wee wittle weewee.  He is not satisfying or pleasing her
in any way when he is being a bad boy like that.  If he valued Diva he
would be showing her how eagerly, how thoroughly, how quickly, and happily
he would be doing as much work for her as possible either where she can see
him or hear him, not hiding and being lazy.  His only hope is for her
helpful discipline and punishment to help him be a good boy the way she
wants him to be.  Yet for all that passion in his soul, he is still misbehaving
and provoking her.  It's a given he will constantly need his switch,
needing to be made to dance, sob his little blue eyes out very ever so sorry.
OR, just chock his DA DA needing desperately a lovely lady's good laxative.
Or, very helpful hot, huge, soap-rich enema.  He suffers from just a very profound and almost
constant need for a lady's authority and discipline from his Diva like his
past disciplinarian.  That attentive Lady would tell her friends, he always has been like that.
Buttercup is a poor, wittle bad boy, his thing a-wee-wee, bless his heart controls him.
Notes from Buttercup to his luscious Fetish Diva Diamond - FDD

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