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Change is gud but hard for me

Something told me to use my Apple this morning.  The death of my 2 XP Sony computers is coming to an end.  Last year I acquired a 1TB Apple computer that is the MOST FREAKIN computer - the colors on the screen, the clarity is awesome.  I went to my sites was in awe how good my work looks on the Net.  Is that was Apple surfers have been jerking off to?  HA HA HA - USE your Apple  ---  Zoe Girl

My stripper, hacker daughter is on top of the latest technology.  She works for the teck department in a major Utah hospital.  Utah is still making the most babies in America.  WTF.  Mormons making babies for God's kingdom,  Those mommies and daddys better have some money to entertain all those kids on ipads etc. 
She was telling her programmer boses how her Mom updates 4 websites, etc etc etc on 16GB at 22% hard drive (external hard drives have tons of content).  One of the guys who is naive Mormon (sharp and intelligent) stopped dead in his tracks asking how does she do THAT???  My daughter told the guys it's top secret what she does.  Too funny.  Mr. Naive was pushing her to know how her Mom was able to manage (mangle - ha ha ha)  all of that with Dreamweaver and Photoshop.  Last night she told me the programmers were in wonderment.  They work with 1TB of Ram and over 20TB hard drive.  LOL.   I made history on how little you can be wicked evil on the Net with only 22% useable hard drive space.  No wonder things are not working right.  LOL  BURB .....and OFM!  I loved XP, it was stable.  I have 2 Sony towers that were top notch 10 years ago ..... and Soooo outdated it's not a joke.  That's how I made it.  N O W ---- I owe it to my porn business to set up and be a big game player.  Big Grins

I posted the update for this week early.  I posted next weeks update on the server.  I will be busy with a new computer next week

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