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Last Night @ Bikram Yoga Class - I Aced the Class!!!

My stripper daughter uses  http://www.lynda.com/ tutorials.  You can pay a tiny fee for their videos for users from XP to Windows 7.  Whew.  Working on XP for ten years puts you in a habit (that's not a nun's dress -. HA HA HA).
My set up story for the my new 1TB HD computer.

I reset the modem, screwed the HD screen together - WTF - I do not want to do this.  Left the old screen up so I could see how to plug in this and that.  Set the tower on top of the table for less dust.  New computers do not come with speakers nor CD for backup.  You must download it from the the computer.  How to use your computer is on the hard drive.  WTF.  Do you think I am dinosaur.  I AM!

Took a long soaking bath.  When stressed I feel my head is lost on top of my shoulders.  I chilled out for 30 minutes in a hot bath. Ate a huge marshmallow. 

My new Strong Box Webmaster has been using Windows 98 for 15 years.  I had a site issue yesterday had to call him.  We were both laughing how we are on the same learning curve for Windows 7.  He's a programmer from beginning days of Net/Silicon Valley.  Talk about old school baby.  I feel better how I used every last drop of my XP after talking with my Strong Box Webmaster in Texas.  Laughing. 

Now find the tab for my favorites set up.  Found it. Whew.  Saves me time to use my favorites bar.  I love it.  Another high teck webmaster showed me time savers.  I dominated him in my tiny dungeon.  After I turned him inside out, he blessed me with my favorites bar on the left of screen.  Living in Silicon Valley has it perks.  woo Hooo

Down loaded Photoshop, had to find how to enter software.  Edited a few photos, it's time for yoga class.  The room was great in yoga. I did great last night.  The teacher saw my great progress on many poses.  I'm competing with myself.  I set my standard high and compete against myself.  I win for myself.

Not sure if I will install Dreamweaver of the HD camera today.  iFriends has the latest upgraded for HD. 

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