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My learning curve for windows movie maker 7 - where is the timeline?

I had some time after live cam show this morning to check out the movie maker for windows 7.  It might be better I go HD - face the beast 'm so afraid of.

Last night in yoga class, my friend admin from Google was near me.  When he comes to class and looks fried.  He helped me when my yahoo email account was hacked.

Another yoga guy friend let's me rant on and on about my learning curve.  He's most supportive.  I need to rant on and on about Windows.  I'm telling myself change is good.  It is good Zoe!!! 

Update for www.zoezane.com is up today.  I did it.  WHEW

Early in the day the boot man showed up with his blessing.  We laughed.  Such a nice guy!

Last night an old friend visited me.  His mind is so fucked.  He went on and on how I was not nice to him.  What he was doing was working me to get more and make me feel bad.  His mind will not change.  I told him to focus on the good.  He made the comment .....does that really work?  So pathetic.  He kept telling me I was not nice to him.  Okay.  I am not nice to you. So what. I get it.  Take your brain, see the bad and go away. He did not see his moments of joy.  Do I need this?  NO!  

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