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Advise from a female yoga friend after class

I was telling my best female yogi friend about the beast Windows 7.  She told me that her grand kid, a 2 year old plays with the iPhone like i's nothing.  LOL.  I know, my grandson who is 5 out does his ER Doctor dad on the iPad.  The 5 year old is smarter than anyone in the family about computers.

She told me to stand up to the beast and conquer it.  Today I figured out how to use windows movie maker for Windows 7.  I edited the video and updated the photo/free video just now.  I DID IT!

Now for the HD camera and editing software.  I will eat, chew, spit it out.  I am the boss.  I will tame the HD camera and editing beast.

I might have a contract with a well know female actress for humorous sex videos.  She will contact Annie Sprinkles for her fun class for sex in San Francisco. woo Hooooo!!!!!
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