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My Hot Pink Closet

looks great in this photo.  I turned the closet into a haven for sleep since Peanut Jr. get hungry at night.  He jumps on me till I get up to feed him. It's getting better with Peanut.  He's sleeping more through the night.  THANK GOD cats grow up.  Peanut needs a lot of attention.  I figured it out after I lost many nights of sleep.

I'm working on a funny video for BOND-A-SAUSAGE.  It will be HD.  I'm forcing myself to face the dragon beast HD.  Change and new things scare me.  I like stable but stable gets boring. BUT boring is good.

I am the older women next door for fantasy and role play.  Send me your stories please.  I love reading them and sharing thoughts in emails with you.

Matuer Porn Star MILF Zoe Zane Photo


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