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I'm More Positive Than Ever Before

The good has always been there for us.  I see it.  When shit hits look for the heard of pink sparkle ponies with silver angel wings.  It is up to me to create my world.  I do not care what has happened with our America.  I am America!

Was ready to go to yoga class, got a call, someone needs me.  Went for walk around the block afterwards.

Yesterday, I got a tiny yellow sticky note on my door.  Words were Thank You! :) ---- wow, how kind to leave a sticky note.  I wonder who left it.  It was a very tiny note. 

I made someone happy.  Today go out and make someone happy.  If we "ALL" did that our world be so different than 10 minutes ago.
I'm using a new Apple computer to post this blog.  Need to know where to place photos to download for the blog.  So much to learn right now.  I am not bored.
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