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A New Day for a New Domme

The great mystics of healing touch massage came from the Divine Goddess of the Underworld (triple headed goddess). She was the Mother of All the Goddesses who had the knowledge and skills to heal with DB body massage. The ancient Goddesses had the power to awaken the body through this massage. They used scented minerals and their oils THAT changed the meaning of massage today.
Some people have called their healings "witch craft". Before the label "witch craft" was created these Goddesses were called wise women. It was not understood the special healing powers of the
minerals and oils they used on the human body.

Some claim to be experts of massage for the young and old. Those trained as CMTs or LMTs (hundreds of training hours) might understand ancient healing. Not everyone knows that Elysium Massage (highly trained therapist) have knowledge of the four main components. Ask your Elysium Massage Expert what they are. One is the B massage that opens up the body to new awareness. It will renew the skin. For thousands of years healers have used minerals, oils and some fruits to heal the body.

In Europe (the Romans, Great Britain's) used the main components to stimulate the senses. The ancient Goddess of Wisdom (Minerva was the goddess of wisdom/war, her symbol, the owl. Her Greek name was Athena, her city was Athens) used these minerals to heal the sick. Sooth your body, renew yourself with scented, mineral B massage.

Message from the Shadow Serpent Goddess™


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