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A Camping Party Just 4 You Buttercup

It's close to a new life.  Now you will have the time to gather twigs for your happy dance.  FDD now has a special brand just for you for the beginning of your new life.  FDD loves the idea of her lady girlfriend's (10 ladies) and you.  It will be the best camping party of all time.  Can you smell the smoke from the camp fire?  FDD will pull your pants down and throw them into the ........ crackle and pop.  Now run on the tips of your toes to gather more switches for the camp fire.  All my lady friends are smiling as they watch your tiny BB wiggle as your run.  FDD will have you run out naked from the waist down for a big pile of tree switches.  We will all dance around the fire with big smiles thinking of you.  With a quick wink from my eye, my lady friends will hold you down with no escape.  Her come the camp bride of your dreams in her big smile.  TA TA TA LA LA LA ---- ha ha ha.....She is grinning when she takes it from the fire.  Oh my my my --- she has made an impression with you.  All were gleefully laughing as they watched you jump... hold and run, bend over and jump, and run more through the trees.

lady friends

Tags: fetish diva diamond zoe zane

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