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Camping Party for Thanksgiving

Dear Buttercup,

You are invited to a special initiation party in the mountains over Thanksgiving.  You have been arguing, sullen and changing your mind on what makes DIVA happy. Actually, you have ignored her happiness. You have been selfish caring only about yourself.  Diva and her friends, Alice in S-land, Lachar, Miss G, Ms. Montain will humiliate you. ----- scold you with huge grins on their pretty faces.  They have planned the best party of the year just for Buttercup.  Your unpredictable, bad behavior (manners) are left in the hands of Diva's friends.  This will be a red, hot party.  After you gather many tree twigs for your camp fire, the twigs will be used to whip your bottom red.  Then Miss G will make you squat.  Lachar will spay you off with a big bucket of cold water. She watched you jump like a mexican bean. he he he he he ----- Lachar was cackling unstoppable at you.  She pushed you down to the ground again, "Now smell this!"  The ladies are trying to see your mini wiener. It's small from the splashing icy water.  Diva walks up the way smiling as she sees you sniff the ground.  HA HA HA HA HA ---  She tells you to hold your nose close to the Ta Ta.  She pulls out her iron and gives it to you on your red whipped bottom.  You jump crying like a baby while DIVA"S ladies laugh themselves to tears.  There you are hold your FDD bottom.  It hurt!s!!!!  Do the ladies care?  NO!  Are they till laughing at you?  YES!

FDD and her lady friends in Santa Cruz mountains

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