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Fetish Diva Diamond Branding Brand


What do we have here?  Do these photos look familiar Buttercup?  What does Diva have in her hand with her big smile from ear to ear?  Is that a shoe horn, a metal spatula or a tiny iron?  Remember your heat when you see Diva's iron in her hallway.  You try to run but there is no escape.  Diva was laughing so hard looking at your mini set of nuts in that tiny short girlie skirt.  You looked silly.

 HA HA HA --- She needs a magnifying glass to see dem pair of nuts.  She's looking hard, where are they?  Buttercup, you are not getting your work done on time as asked.  Are you dreaming about your Diva? 
A male who dilly dallies not getting the towels folded gets it right where it counts. Pinch sharpy, watch you jump.
Diva has a big red enema bag ready with soapy water to loosen up that controlling da-da.  Those small plastic bottle will get the jobs done quickly.  Diva likes the long slow red bag enemas.  She liked to see how it takes you out in the bathroom.  Too funny how you have no control.  L A U H G H I N G


Diva loves to watch those dirty boys drag their pants on fire in the ground.  It's funny when they jump, dance holding their burning bottoms.  Serves them right for misbehaving.


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