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Giantess Lauren and .......tiny balled buttercup

A male like Buttercup has zero manners.  He thinks he has manners but he's deceived by his narcissistic mind.  His big effort to be polite only gets him  "HOT SAUCED" by all the ladies.  Buttercup is doom to a life of torments he will not be able to shed.  He tries to be proper and polite, but his trying only gets his pants of fire.  His mind craves laughing punishments 24/7.  He might think he wants what's normal but he's not normal.  He will miss the secret only his Diva holds.  As hard as he tries he will not get it.

There was a time when Lauren was younger than Buttercup.  Buttercup did the biggest sin against Lauren. She watched the laughing ladies give Buttercup a good dunking for his selfishness.  Each lady by the kitchen sink made Buttercup hold a bar of "Ivory Soap" in his mouth.  Another lady would hold his head underneath the cold rushing water faucet. It was his punishment for dumping Lauren over in the pool. The ladies dunked Buttercup over and over. Buttercup in his testy balling rage (his horn-i-ness) pushed Lauren off the swimming pool air mattress.  His ill mannered, rude behavior  "huffed up" the ladies.  How DARE him throw cute Lauren off her air mattress.  She was groping for air, messed up and helpless. 


Giantess Lauren is much bigger today.  She will lift up Buttercup......DUMP his naked body in a swimming pool.  Buttercup better know how to hold his breathe. HA HA HA --- any lady that sees his tiny ding dong with balls will laugh and run the other way.
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