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My note to the one who lies

That piece of paper is a laughing joke.  It was never legal therefore not certified.  By the way whoever is your lawyer is an idiot.  You might not have one BUT if you do he or she is smart taking your money on their stupid idiot, scum bag advise.

I don't want to be apart of a program that men know is stupid.  I now see how I was deceived by you.  You know what you are doing!  If you don't know what you are doing with your idiot lawyer then you're an "idiot too".  I know you know since I saw you laughing how you took the ladies of the night and their $$$$$.

That fake trademark and certification is harassing and targeting ladies of the night.  You can not lie to me anymore.  Go ahead and do it to all your certified ladies of the night. I don't want to be certified publicly as one of your ladies.

By the way, someone else own the trademark on Elysium with the fake (R) in the massage category.  Your trademark is illegal and you know it.  If the US trademark knew it was for ladies of the night, you would of never gotten the trademark.  I did my homework.

I do not want to be associated with a lie and thief. Pray for yourself not me. 
I give you credit for your big, fat scam for ladies of the night. 

Fetish Diva Diamond aka Zoe Zane 

Here is my certification money.  You whipped my ass.  Give it back to me ASAP.
Make it right.


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