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Diva's Laughing Humiliation List

Diva's goal is on top of her Christmas list, to encourage and inspire ladies to be strong

exposing a Male's vulnerability, his fragile, delicate tiny dignity.


 Diva's Embarrassing Punishment List

Humiliation with Laughter Protocol
1. Take the male to the front yard, with no pants, make him pick up all the doggie doo doo. You are the doggie bag boy.
2. Stand up on your toes, hold your hands on your shoulders. Do a silly prance dance in girlie shoes with face in corner.
3. Condition the male to love his punishments with all his heart.
4. Give good switching till he cries like a baby. Call him a "cry baby" and laugh out loud.
5. Pin his underwear to his shirt with his butt wipes. Laugh at his doo doo stains.
6. Laugh at his highest point of arousal.
7. Even a good male, he needs a spanking from a woman's authority/dominance.
    Say you are sorry as Diva laughs at your so called perfect gentleman behavior.

8. Bar of Ivory Soap in male's mouth for his pouting face.
9. Enemas for his stubbornness and NOT listening to Diva.
10. Being a "know it all" ONLY gets the arrogant male a hot seat. Most effective when many ladies are around.
11. Use Diva's hat pin, use it in the right spot and make him jump in public.
12. Make sure their are strokes in between the laughing punishments. Long slow ones mocking his small ding ding.
Big Smilesss!
Fetish Diva Diamond

Now run outside the library and prance on the tips of your toes by your car.  See the bouncy kitty, like THAT.
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