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Diva and Agnes

Diva watched you run outside from the house.  Diva knows Buttercup can't handle her humiliation anymore.  She doesn't care.  Diva and her lady friend Agnes will chase you down right to the ground.  Agnes loves to hold you with her strong dancer's legs.  Here comes Diva with one of the pointy twigs you cut down.  After your bottom is red, Diva and Agnes will march you back to the bathroom and give you a Ivory Soapy enema.  ))))) LAUGHING ((((( --- They love to see you not have any control.  The enema will rip you clean.   The enema bag by the bathroom window makes you remember what she did to you.  Diva's lady friend walks by the window.  Diva tells her what a bad boy you have been.  Diva states, "Buttercup is sitting on the doo doo potty letting all his stubbornness out.  Too funny to watch him be helpless on the potty".  HA HA HA --- Buttercup wants to get very close, see his Diva hover over him with her big, warm smile.  You want Diva fingers to release all that hotness.  Tickle tickle stroke stroke in the right spot smiling at Buttercup.

Big grins from Diva!!!!!


Tags: diva diamond zoe zane domination

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