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Behind the scenes

Still organizing my studio, doing photo and video updates.  When I go to Utah my daughter will help me with HD video.  I am gather clips for www.zoezane.com and clips 4 sale.

I have a female bully in my life who uses my stage name for her brand and traffic.  She just takes what she wants with out asking. I need female porn star "Seka" to set her straight. She uses soft talk to lure her prey into her web.  She's a con artist and ripping off sex workers.  If I post her site and name she would have this message deleted.  So I will not tell you the con artist's name.  She's the worst kind and everything is for her gain ONLY.  This kind of con artist uses seduction to lur ethe prey into their scam.  I should know since I lived with the last boyfriend for 17 years.  He mentored me on con artists.  He was just like her and went to prison for his evil deeds. 

I'm not afraid.  I talked to my lawyer (federal) about her scheme, he said it was a scam.  What upsets me the most about this whole experience is her soft talk and uncaring heart.  She's out for herself and does not care about the underground community.  She's very clever how she projects it back on you.  I call her a money hungry, greed bitch, vampire.  She's hurting the underground.  There's no protection for this industry.   I'm off the charts, UPSET. 


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