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Got on Google this morning and second link down was about the death of Zoey Zane. My adult porn star life of over 20 years is leading me down the rabbit hole. It's still going on --- the death of Emily Sander aka Zoey Zane - the girl who used my porn name.  This will be my second book. A girl is dead, no rest for the wicked. Someone on the Net is setting up a college grant for her death? I think it's a scam. Damn!

I will talk about Bond-a-ssage in my private forum.  I will explain the workings of Bond-a-ssage in detail.  This week my private forum will be set up in my membership on  www.zoezane.com

It seems the female bully has no intention of cleaning up her act.  I think she has a mental disorder - which one I don't know.  Maybe her mental disorder is....I can do whatever I want and lie.  Habitual liar, that's it.  Maybe bi-polar???  She does what she wants, bragging about it to all her deceived friends.  Look at me, I'm getting away with it.  I will keep my "bully up" on Miss Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond.  She will not do anything.  I love lying and and stealing.
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