zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

Comments to an admiring man from SC

His email to me:

I came across your Southern Charms http://www.southern-charms2.com/zoezane/main.htm page tonight and I simply had to join, you are amazing!
I get such a high knowing your age yet how flexible and athletic your body is, it's such an intoxicating mix :-)
I'd love to know more about how you are such an athletic lady, if I'm not intruding on you that is.

Answer to his email:

I was a tomboy growing up and very athletic. I have always been a mover and shaker not knowing my own power. In high school, I was head varsity cheerleader, etc. I was like it was meant to be and I loved it. That is where my cream pie throwing evolved for I threw a cream pie in the head varsity wrestler's face on a stage in front of huge rally crowd, it was spontaneous like always. He was a big sport about it. Burb!@#$%^&*()....*

On to college, I walked to and from campus and became a professional dancer. When I got married, I danced briefly but had kids which did not stop me. I had this dance routine and exercise program I did daily. I packed my kids in those back backs even when I was pregnant. Up until about 35 I was invincible until I developed over use running injuries to both knees that landed me on my back for a very long time. It was hell for me and took every ounce of strength to endure. Make it short: I have recovered from that fearful downtime and now I still dance at night with my head set on listening to Madonna "Confessions" and I practice Bikram yoga for 3 years now. My intention to walk when I am 90! Thank you for joining my site on SC. Love and Kisses, Zoe
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