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Nurse Enema Fantasy

Nurse Enema
You know our enema sessions are something special. Lying on your exam table with that big white bag hanging on the stand - waiting to slowly empty into my bottom is something that can't ever be replaced. Our times together were more special than you will ever know. They were more erotic than I can write...
There are many things that I have experienced in my life, but our special "7:00 AM" times were terrific. I wish that I could have one 7AM PST session right now. One more time of placing my lips on your bottom...of pulling your undies down and looking under your nurse uniform at those pretty white panties. Just one more time feeling the nozzle slide in and out of me....and that blissful Elysium feeling when the "big buzz" happens. To lie on my side and have a special Elysium enema is beyond words.
I plan for 100 hundred more special Elysium sessions. That first time was most memorable, the 500 gardenias was not enough. Fetish Diva Diamond "Nurse Enema" you are incredible! Our times together felt like an affair, that special connection with my sexy nurse lingers on and on in my mind.
My lips loved kissing your white cotton panties kneeling on my knees.  I slowly kissed everything under those undies....enjoying our naughtiness together!
I love our phone sex session together.  But more than that, I long to be in our special enema sessions - to enjoy the passion of our very special times.
Your enema Slave "T"

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