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DIVA DIAMOND wears the pants of the house!


As DIVA'S sub, what I miss the most from DIVA is her intensely provoked “friction” or anger-arousal she that would wake up her male sub in teasing (baby talk, pinching, and pin-sticking on his bottom). Her corporal punishment was very, very sexually spiced up. She focused her attention with her observing ladies friends entirely on her sub's bare weenie, balls and bottom all which were on display for a lady's amusement during the switch-swats. It was about the embarrassment of all the ladies getting to see the sub's little endowments all bare during the stinging of the wielded switches.

I couldn’t tell if DIVA was “in the zone.” Sometimes she would hide her mood and then pounce to attack unpredictably. Of course DIVA put on her short shorts and sleeveless blouse wearing no panties under her shorts. Her full blond pubic hair showed when she walked or seated her legs spread apart on the patio chaise lounge. Another near definite mood-changer to her sex occurred if there were women in the home. DIVA, as a part of her discipline loved to make her sub the center of attention for the amusement of the ladies.

Her lady friends got a full education on how subs cried when the bare bottom was stung to rosy red welts; how a sub would indulge his temper to anger his DIVA. She disclosed in front of everyone, his intimate secrets. She would say: “My sub has the cutest, darling-est, petite-sized little set of balls on him under an equally precious dear wittle weenie. DIVA tipped da weenie like a string bean often laughing.

The ladies saw what made DIVA'S sub so sullen and pouty-faced. Jump and prance out to the yard for backside humiliations, hurry hurry. A sub needs DIVA'S direction and guidance about how to make a sub be a little gentleman.

"DIVA is going to keep his pants off till her sub is fully trained. Won’t that be fun for him? I don't know of any male sub who hates to prance around without any his pants on. Go to the corner, stand and hold this to your nose. Smell this Buttercup.

Your DIVA mommie wears the pants in this house. HA HA HA

“And, the big baby subbie Buttercup, tell the ladies why DIVA has to wipe. Hey ladies, the sub is really just a big baby and DIVA kinda likes that.
Diva is firm and gentle as she parted the balls to one side. You know, dolly dear subbie boy, if you wanted DIVA to take your temperature you must lift your legs up. DIVA knows you want to take it with her face hoovering right over yours. Hoovering over you with her big DIVA smile. Stroke stroke stroke and tickle every so lightly your taintie part, Buttercup with the end of DIVA's birch twig. Diva knows you love to be birched every so softly.
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