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January - So Buzy

Working on taxes,  I hate paper work.  But I'm getting through it all.  Jan 1st was blessed by friends from oranges to old faces from the past.  Have been to yoga 3 times this week.  My car needs new brakes, a battery and drive belt.  Car mileage, not over 100,000 miles.  My car saved my life.  I love my car.  Driving a rental, it sucks. 
My trip to Utah is turning out good for my two girls.  It was a good thing I flew in for Christmas.  The girls need their Mom. My baby daughter has much to get through being the last child.  She got mixed messages.  But, a day ago she talked to me like a "BIG CHATTER BOX" about juicing and gettin' healthy.  Sigh.  Whew.  I love her.  I need to walk lightly, be soft, kind with her.  She's was VERY abandoned by her Dad.  
The cats are all warm and fuzzy with me this morning.  My update for www.zoezane.com with be my sexy feet in a million dollar home.  I'm will have fun smashing hostess cupcakes on video.
Got to run.  Happy New Year Everyone!  I miss Sexy Miss Lizz today.  I love her and Ashley Dobbs!!!!!

Big Smiles
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