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January 9 2013 - Day 6 Bikram Yoga

A guy in my yoga class was in my floor space.  He's been hitting on me.  After class last night, I'm in all my sweaty yoga glory, he comes over places his mat, himself next to me. I get up, see what he has done.  I told my stripper daughter about his after class move.  She told me he wants to feel your energy.  She made me laugh. I'm not interested Mr.InvadeMySpace.Com.

Yoga teacher, Nazi Holly taught class last night.  I refuse to engage with her.  After class walking to my car she gets my attention.  She tells me about her dieing Dad.  I see why she is so mouthy. Our engaging, she's telling me how great I am with my practice.  I'm discovering how many of my yoga friends have admiration for my yoga practice.  Many are inspired, I've been doing Bikram yoga on a fractured toe.  My toe is beginning to heal.  I've cried a million tears, skirted with stop doing yoga, all year long.   When you warrior out, stay quiet strong, your example gets you everywhere. What we do day in and day, tells everyone who were are.  Example is powerful.  I show up for myself in class.  I'm working to love myself in my body.  I look at myself in the mirror, tell myself, I'm okay.  It's working.

I'm ready for shit to fly up during 60 Day Bikram Challenge.  When shit comes up, I'll go deep, look for the positive.  We all got crapped on, told untruths about ourselves from parents, teacher etc.  It messes with your mind, then your life.  The mind is the most difficult part to change. I'm making positive corrections

Today, I feel safe about my underground work.  For sometime, I've felt uneasy.  Today other people are coming forth in my defense.  I've got backup over my copyright/brand theft.  One key person, I call VAPOR, has got my back.  THANK YOU Vapor.  You Rock.

Last night, I decided to do another Bikram 60 Day Challenge.  This challenge is #7 for Miss Zoe.

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