zoezane (zoezane) wrote,

The drunk bitch face .....

I think that she drives herself crazy. We might get into a big cat fight here very soon. I have some ideas on how to let go of my frustrations about this whole thing. I just go to yoga and tell myself..... I am calm like the eye of the storm. I am peaceful. Some guy next to me in yoga was really RANK! It almost made me puke. He must be feeling really awful. I made it through class tonight, BUT it was hard as hell. Today in cam show I did a freaky bored nun show that have over 475 viewers. I put clothes pins on my nipples and pussy. That is not like me. it was okay. HUM? Bored nun likes S&M? At the end I was a smoking slut! That clip will be SC since all the smoking fetish freaks are over there. I have something crazy up my sleeve for dirty granny out on the farm. Go granny and get your gun.
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