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Days are zooming by me - Today is Day 21 Bikram Yoga

In Bikram Yoga Challenge, I forget the days and dates of the days.  I've been in school for web design etc.  Bumping myself up with more know;edge for Internet business.  I'm pushing myself in yoga room.  Getting close to a few girlfriends, we need each other's support on many levels.  I'm selective who I trust with my private life.  Not many.  You only need a few good ones. I can count on them to be there when it gets ruff.

Lighter note, the smart, male cat Chubs, pushed the window screen open with his paw.  I looked out the window, he was outside.  OH NO!  Got him back in, what a smart cat.  Will secure the screen right now.  LOL.

I will post far out, crazy huge tit, sweater teacher photos this weekend/school teacher takes one of her students in her kitchen video.

Cougars Rule


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